Ready for Learning Plan, Continuity of Services: Update 9/11/23

Approval of Personel Policies and Salary Schedules 2023-2024

Dyslexia Information

School Calendar   

Student Discipline Policies

Student Attendance Policies

Comprehensive School Counseling Plan (6-18-2005)

Recruitment and Retention Plan with at Least 3 Goals (6-17-1901)

Policies for Fiscal Operations of District

Student Handbooks

Spanish Version

School-Level Improvement Plans (Includes Literacy Plan)

Primary Plan

Elementary Plan

Middle School Plan

Junior High Plan

High School Plan

Parent, Family and Community Engagement Plan

Bullying Policies (A.C.A. 6-18-514)

Minutes of Regular and Special Board Meetings

Licensed and Classified Personnel Policies



District Literacy Support Plan (6-19-2914)(d)

Mental Health Awareness Week Information

First Full Week of May (May 6-10,2024)

Written Policy for Selection, Relocation, Retention and Challenging of Materials

RIF Policy

Certified/Licensed RIF Policy

Classified RIF Policy

Immunization Report (6-18-702)(b)

Annual Report to the Public

PowerPoint Presentation

Annual School Performance Report

List of Waivers Granted to District and Schools (6-15-103)

Notice of the Time, Date and Place of School Board Meetings

Districts receiving level 5 intensive support, a school identified as in need of targeted or comprehensive support, the district is in fiscal distress, or on Accredited(Probation) status.

State and Local Revenue Sources (State Aid Notice)

Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefit Expenditure Data

Financial Breakdown of Monthly Expenses

School District Balances

July 2023-2024

August 2023-2024

September 2023-2024

October 2023-2024

November 2023-2024

December 2023-2024

January 2023-2024

February 2023-2024

March 2023-2024

April 2023-2024

May 2023-2024

July 22-23

August 22-23

September 22-23

October 22-23

November 22-23

December 22-23

January 22-23

February 22-23

March 22-23

April 22-23

May 22-23

June 22-23

July 21-22

August 21-22

September 21-22

October 21-22

November 21-22

December 21-22

January 21-22

February 21-22

March 21-22

April 21-22

May 21-22

June 21-22

Licensed Personnel Policy Committee Information



Salary Schedules for All Employees Including Extending Contracts and Supplementary Pay Amounts

23-24 Certified Salary Schedule

23-24 Classified Salary Schedule

23-24 Administrator Salary Schedule

23-24 Additional Duties Stipends

Current Contract Information for all Employees

Annual School District Statistical Report

District Budget for the Current Year (DRAFT)

Title IX Information

504 Information

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