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Elementary GT


Elementary GT students meet for 150 minutes each week in grade level groups. The purpose of these meetings is to enrich and extend the regular classroom curriculum for GT identified students.

Check back often for updates as we blast off toward a great year!

Third Grade GT

Third grade is soaring through the water cycle with the Engineering is Elementary unit Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters. We'll build a biome in a bag project to demonstrate the cycle, explore the field of environmental engineering, examine the effects of pollution on freshwater, and use the Engineering Design Process to create a water filter. Third grade will participate in Battle of the Books. 

Fourth Grade GT 

Fourth grade is exploring organisms through the Just Passing Through: Designing Model Membranes unit from the National Center for Technical Literacy. Students will be introduced to the field of bioengineering and how scientists can be used to help organisms meet basic needs, we will practice thinking skills, logical reasoning, and participate in Quiz Bowl through the local educational cooperative. 

Fifth Grade GT

Fifth grade is blasting off to discover how oil spills and other disasters impact our ecosystem, including a lesson on bioaccumulation with a mystery, “Mystery of Sandy Bottom Creek”. We will study Roman numerals, discover marvelous machines that make our work easier, design parachutes, and participate in Quiz Bowl. 


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