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TAC (Teacher Access Center)

eSchool/Teacher Access Center(TAC) Instructions


Use the link below to access your TAC account:
Teacher user names are of the form 6701FirstInitialLastName.   Teacher Bob Smith would be 6701bsmith





DIS has a self management program set up that will allow you to change your passwords yourself.  You must go to the link below and register. Part of the registration process creates security questions and answers that will allow you to retrieve your password in the future should you forget it.

Self Management of passwords

Click on the ADE Single Sign On(Sign In)

Cick on the SSO Account Settings

You can also click on the Account User SSO Guide for more instructions.

Your will need to know your current password to enroll.

Once users are enrolled, they will be able to maintain their password from that point forward, even if the password has been forgotten.

Password requirements: 10 characters long and no special characters I.E. @#$%*