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De Queen FFA Showteam: A Great Year

Posted Date: 11/07/2022

De Queen FFA Showteam:  A Great Year

The De Queen FFA showteam has had a very successful year exhibiting their livestock.  The De Queen show team is a very diverse group of students ranging from elementary to high school.  Our members include the following students, Jacob Seymour, Kyle Williamson, Katie Williamson, Olivia Cooley, Kathryn Cooley, Kane Faulkenberry, Benjamin Moniewski, Kimmi Simmons, Kalee Simmons, Kix Lee, Bristol Lee, Monica Rivas, Kinnah Ferguson,  Raegun Hall, Jacob Hibbs, Jackson Walker, Bryton Griffin, Tristan Whisenhunt, Zae-Lei Frachiseur, Alyson Harder,  Samuel Olvera, Will Collins, Silas Collins, Charlie Collins and Jace and Peyton Blanton.  Our students are involved in showing commercial poultry, swine, goats, lambs and cattle.  


Kane Faulkenberry is a senior swine showman who has had a very successful year jack-potting and exhibiting at the fall shows.  Kane exhibited the Grand Champion Light Cross and York in the SASS series this summer.  He also earned 3rd overall and Champion Arkansas honors in this series of shows.  Kane has an accomplished showmanship record, earning championships in the SASS and Senior showmanship at our Sevier County Fair.  He exhibited the Champion York, and 3rd overall market hog at the Sevier County Fair.  His wins also include the Reserve Grand York at the Four State Fair.  Sophomore Alyson Harder is also a veteran swine showman.  She exhibited a hampshire and a duroc hog at county earning a spot in the premium sale.


We had several members attend show camps this summer to sharpen their skills in the show ring.  Kyle Williamson earned Reserve Grand Showmen and Reserve Grand Fitter at the Be A Champ Show Camp this summer.  In addition to this Kyle also showed the Grand Champion Simbrah bull at county and had Reserve Grand Champion Bred and Owned bull and Heifer at the state fair.  Katie Williamson was 3rd overall in the fitting contest.  She also won Reserve Grand Champion Simmental at the Sevier County Fair.  Kinnah Ferguson also attended the Be A Champ Show Camp this summer.  Kinnah was awarded the Most Improved Camper award and did a great job exhibiting two commercial heifers at numerous shows this year.   Jacob Seymour was Reserve Grand Champion lamb showman at lamb camp this summer.  He also did a great job with cattle, lambs and a goat, earning a Reserve Grand Champion with a commercial heifer at our county fair.


Peyton Blanton is an accomplished showman in the Beefmaster shows.  She won Grand Champion Beefmaster heifer at the State Fair Spring Show and at the Rolling in the Ouachita’s Jackpot show.  Peyton also won Grand Champion Beefmaster heifer at our county show and was in the premium sale. 


Benjamin Moniewski is a steer and commercial heifer showman.  He had a great year at our Sevier County fair winning both Grand Champion Steer and Grand Champion overall commercial heifer.  Not only did he exhibit these great specimens, but he was also awarded Senior Cattle Showman at our county fair.  Ben always does a great job.


The Cooley girls are also no strangers to the cattle show ring.  They have earned several wins this year with their hereford cattle.  Olivia exhibited the Grand Horned Hereford heifer at our Sevier County Fair.  This heifer also had the distinction of being the Grand Champion English heifer earning Olivia a place in the Premium Sale.  She also had the Grand Champion Simmental Heifer that she raised.  Kathryn also had a good year.  She had the Reserve Grand Polled heifer and the Reserve Grand English heifer which earned her a place in the Sevier County Premium Sale.


This year we had some first year showmen who did a great job.  Zae-Lei Frachiseur exhibited a commercial heifer which won a class at Four States Fair.  Samuel Olvera exhibited a registered Charolais heifer and a commercial heifer while doing a great job representing our club.  Raegun Hall is a senior this year and exhibited a market goat for the first time.  She did great and earned a spot in our county fair premium sale.  Bryton Griffin exhibited a Charolais market steer winning Reserve Grand Champion at our county fair earning him a premium sale spot.


Senior goat showmen Jacob Hibbs and Jackson Walker had a great year showing their final string of goats.  Both of these young men made the premium sale with their market goats at county and went on to exhibit at AYE.  Jacob was fourth in a very large class at AYE.  These young men will be missed next year.


This year we had the addition of some commercial poultry exhibitors and rabbit showmen.  The Collins brothers had a good year exhibiting commercial pullets.  Charlie had Grand Champion commercial pullets at the county fair.  Will and Silas also exhibited.  Charlie and Silas went on to exhibit at the Arkansas State Fair earning 5th and 9th place in class. Jace Blanton was awarded Grand Champion Lion Head rabbit at our county fair.


Kimmi and Kalee Simmons are commercial heifer exhibitors.  Senior member Kimmi did a great job with her crossbred Charolais commercial heifer at the county and state fairs.  Kalee did well with her American cross heifer winning Reserve Grand American Commercial heifer at the Four States Fair. She also was 1st in her class at the Arkansas State Fair.

Recently at the Arkansas State Fair we had some stand-out victories from our members. Several of our students won Purple Circle honors and Grand Champion victories.

 Freshman Monica Rivas was inducted into the Purple Circle club resulting from a Grand Champion win with her Angus Bull.  She also won two classes in the steer show.  7th grader Kix Lee also was a Purple Circle inductee resulting from his Grand Champion victory in the Market Steer show.  Kix also exhibited the reserve overall heifer at the AYE this year.

3rd grader Bristol Lee had a stellar performance at the Arkansas State Fair and AYE  this year.  Bristol was a Grand Champion showman at AYE in addition to winning the Natural State Doe show.  She qualified for the Purple Circle club through numerous wins.  Bristol won Market Goat Showmanship, Grand Champion Doe, Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat and Grand Champion Charolais Percentage Heifer.  Rounding out the Charolais Percentage show was  Junior classmen Tristan Whisenhunt who earned a place in the Purple Circle club with a Grand Champion victory with his bull.