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Communications and Public Relations Department

At De Queen Public Schools, communication with parents, students, and staff, as well as our community stakeholders is vital to our success. We strive to establish positive relationships and credibility between De Queen Public Schools and our community through the timely and accurate dissemination of information. We use a variety of tools in order to make this happen, including our school and district websites, emails, phone calls,  and text messages to parents and staff, electronic dissemination of flyers, social media, local news media, and marketing materials like brochures when appropriate.

Our goal is for this website to provide user-friendly, well-organized, easy-to-access information about our schools that will serve our patrons well. Please feel free to contact us, or your child's school, if we can help you in any way.


Beau McCastlain
District Communications Director

De Queen Public Schools

Phone: 870-584-4312

Beau McCastlain